Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Episcopal Relief for Tsunami Victims

Please help families at risk from disease and food shortages.

While the extent of the damage crosses continents, for those who have lost a child in this disaster, the suffering is intensely personal.

On December 26, a massive 9.0 earthquake struck deep beneath the ocean off the coast of Indonesia. Tsunamis, huge tidal waves generated by the earthquake, have killed tens of thousands and affected millions in coastal communities throughout South Asia and as far away as Africa.

Episcopal Relief and Development needs your help to provide emergency relief in the countries of Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, as well as Somalia and Kenya as part of what the United Nations is calling the greatest relief effort in history.

Estimates continue to grow regarding the number of casualties, the largest proportion of which is children, many of whom could not run away fast enough to escape the enormous waves.

The Rt. Rev. Thomas Samuel, Bishop of the Diocese of Madhya Kerala, Church of South India (one of the hardest hit areas) says that many people were crushed and washed away before they even knew what was happening. Families now struggle with basic survival needs.

The spread of disease now threatens hundreds of thousands who are homeless and have lost everything. In response, ERD is partnering with affected dioceses to provide food, clean water, shelter, hygiene materials, medicines and other critical supplies. Your help is greatly needed.

If this project is overfunded, ERD will use these funds for other life saving projects.

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