Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Update from Guatemala... and One from the Vestry (#5)

From Ila, July 27:

Hola, teams.

Just a quick thanks, which I'm also sending to a few others.

This will be brief, as I'm still working on the grant application, now from the comfy digs of Fr. and Terri Smith in Antigua Guatemala.  Tomorrow I head for Pedro's Union Victoria.

Petrona Chavez has her jaw bone-graft small surgery this morning, and I've confirmed that she is at the hospital.  This got a bit more expensive than expected, Q6000 [$800] plus the preliminaries we did when Team 2 was here.  Family is paying half, and Elizabeth's Legacy is paying half, including the $200 Fowler Fund donation Fr. Smith was holding, and $200 of the Legacy money I am holding.  I think this will just about finish the orthodontic followup to her cleft lip and palate surgery done many years ago, at least I hope so, as orthodontic expenses already were high this year.  But the work is proceeding well.

 Nicolas Sanchez, the 10-year-old from Caba whose father has been resistant to permitting him to leave for correction of severe cleft lip and palate, did the preliminaries with a jornada in Chajul July 7 and is now scheduled for surgery in Antigua September 7.  It's with a jornada that seems responsible (15-day stay), his adult brother will accompany, and we will pay only for transportation for both, other essentials, required clothing, and incidentals.  Probably less that $200.  Thanks to a very generous donation for parishioners, we will have enough to cover this, with a balance for other uses.

Miguel Anjel, the boy from Xecoyeu who almost lost his life and leg (severe bleeding wound and complete femur fracture last fall in Xecoyeu), horrendous pickup truck ride and then hospital for 2 months, is due for followup August 10.  We will need to pay for transportation and possibly some tests.  Elizabeth's Legacy last year contributed more or less Q1400 for emergency travel and the expensive metal plate that is holding his femur together, and the family and another group paid the rest (over Q6000 total, if I recall).

Tomas Choc of Mirador is still expected to accompany Gustavo Cuyuch of the Equipo de Salud to Guatemala City next week for followup for the tumor removed from inside the major vein inside his nose, when Gustavo comes for our final meeting August 6.  More "medical travel" expense, and perhaps a bit more!

The 8-months pregnant woman with diabetes we sent to the hospital from El Triunfo is now back in the community, I understand on medication.  I'm urging (well, scolding) Pedro Marcos to go get strips for their in-country glucomenter NOW.

Otoscopes and glucometers -- I should finish the grant proposal today, have been checking with Sarah, Linda P., and Enid over various possibilities.   Sarah, Fr. Smith and Terri will be making a trip to the US to visit relatives in early October and could courier otoscopes back.  Just let me know which you think is the better deal.  Enid, if you have done anything ab out contacting Roche (hope you got the earlier e-mail), please let me know today.

I will try to get the info above and below out to our complete lists when I return to Tucson August 7, late.  Meanwhile, please feel free to forward.

TEAMS 1 AND 2 -- what your in-country donations accomplished.

Linda Paul did a little tally for me before she left.  In addition to all the other donations you made, of time, personal expenses, and expertise, your application fees and in-country donations totaled Q3,902 (over $500), of which we have used all but Q6.  They enabled us to do the following:

Donations for in-country orientation to other "on-the-ground" in country groups:   Q600

Fluoride and related for application during the giras                                                 Q648

"Bestias" to move cargo during the walking giras                                                     Q470

Patient medical travel outside the communities - replacing money used                  Q560  (a big help to protect Project general funds, which are low)

Patient medical travel for Tomas Choc, who walked out with us to Nebaj               Q140

Additional medicines for the giras (another Q5450 was paid from Project funds)   Q330

Miscellaneous, copying documents, etc.                                                                    Q398

Gas for the one CPR vehicle when it transported us                                                  Q600

One-time "premios" for health promotores who worked with us as volunteers        Q150

Hope it adds up!  I'm not re-checking the figures, which did correspond when Linda finished the document.

Again, thanks to all.


Vestry’s Report on Transition: #5
26 July 2015
Greetings from your Vestry!

Since its commissioning on 14 June, the Nominating Committee has selected its officers: Chair Ohia Hodges, Co-chair Debbie D’Amore, Scribe Bonnie Edwards, and Treasurer Jim Steinman. It has begun preparing for its first task of gathering formation from all parishioners to form a parish profile before the search. It will meet with the diocese-appointed Transition Consultant, Canon Russ Smith, on 19 August to set schedule and strategy for reaching the goal of recommending three candidates for our next Rector to the Vestry at the end of the search.

On 12 July, we reported that our Interim Rector, the Rev. Dr. Richard Mallory, will join us in person on Sunday, 16 August. A fuller introduction of Fr. Mallory and his work with us will be presented to you on Sunday, 2 August.

Having completed the most urgent tasks mentioned above, we are re-focusing on the overall life of this parish during transition by examining existing projects and needed efforts; for example:

• Adult education: Vestry persons Joel Williams and Linda Morrison will join Peter Schmidt and Paulette O’Malley to work with Fr. Richard Mallory on topics to be offered. If you have any desired topics or can conduct a topic of study, please contact any of the above named.

• Sunday school: Due to increased workload at Literacy Connects, Violet resigned from Director of the Godly Play for the younger children, but her husband, Vestryman Alec Kennedy will continue the Sunday school for the older children. There will be no child-care until further notice. Mo. Clare is working with Alec and others to re-organize the Sunday school and childcare. If you would like to help in anyway our children’s Sunday program, please contact Alec.

• Welcoming visitors: Jim Steinman and Vestryman Todd Vicks will work with Lynette Emory to help the ushers in welcoming visitors with follow-ups. Secretary Nancy Vernon will provide an insert in the Sunday bulletin for visitors, so contacts can be made within the week of the visit.

• Representation on the School Board of Trustees: Reed Karaim will represent the Vestry on that Board. We thank Margie King for her past work and wish her well. Note: Parishioner Lori Lewis is the new President of the Board. The other parishioners on the Board are: Fr. Peter Cheney, Debbie D’Amore, Catherine Gioannetti, John Hsieh, John Meyer, and Paulette O’Malley.

• Air-conditioning the church: The adobe walls, the wooden windows and doors, the organ pipes, the electrical wiring, environmental impact and health implications need to be addressed by all. Before the best solution is determined, our Building Committee, which consists Byron Brandon, Howard Creswell, Grahame Davis, Andy Harris, Alec Kennedy, Proscovia King, and Chris Lewis, will work with Junior Warden, Lisa Sharp, to gather information necessary for a productive discussion to reach an optimal solution. Currently, we have $21,240 in this account.

• Renumbering pledge envelopes: The number on your pledge envelopes has not changed for years, due to keeping inactive numbers! Thus, we have been wasting trees and paying for useless envelopes and boxes. Yes, you might have a new number next year; but no action is required of you. If you want to unsubscribe pledge envelopes or if you want to have your name added to receive pledge envelopes, then please notify the Parish Office as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience, concern, trust and support, all rooted in your prayers! Please call our attention to any of the things that need to be done in, for or by this parish for our living in God’s kingdom. We look forward to working with Fr. Mallory. Together, with God’s help, we can all do our best to live our Baptismal Covenant at St. Michael’s. Keep on praying!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Casa Maria and Other Announcements

boiled egg
Casa Maria Sandwich making is this Friday, July 24th. WE NEED YOUR HELP. COME JOIN US!

St Michael's Parish Center, 602 N. Wilmot Rd.

Kitchen opens at 5 PM. Come anytime after that!

School's out! It's a great time to bring children to a family friendly Community Service event! We need your help with extra eggs and extra hands; we receive no extra eggs from the School students in the Summer. Please bring two or three dozen hard cooked, peeled eggs.

 Also please bring medium sized boxes for transporting the lunches. Fruit boxes from Costco or banana boxes are ideal.

Byron will deliver the sandwiches. (Thanks to Karl for June 26th!) If you can deliver sandwiches once or twice a year, please let us know!


Casa Maria is every 4 weeks...
July 24th
Aug 21st
Sept 18th
Oct 16th
Nov 13th
Dec 11th

The Food Pantry is getting low again on many items. Please remember to bring what you can - because you can! The need is great!

***** Ila sends along these photos from her recent visit to Father Smith and Terri in Antigua, Guatemala. She writes,

Fr. Smith in the very chair he uses on Sundays.  

The room where St. Alban's meets is a yoga studio during the week.

Terri Smith has been posting lots of pictures on Facebook. Here are a few of them, with her comments:

This is the entrance to the room where the church is that John now preaches at. It's an old convent dated back to the 17th century. It's a beautiful building.

Our new bed is in and made with the lovely quilt the ECW women had made for John and I as a wedding present 5 years ago. The rain waited until the bed was in!

Good Sunday morning from Antigua! Volcano Fuego puffed this morning and shortly after was quiet again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An Announcement - 12 July 2015

The Vestry is happy to announce that we have an Interim Rector!

He is the Rev. Dr. Richard Mallory, who has resigned from his associate position at All Saints of the Desert in Sun City in time to be our Interim Rector. After meeting with the Vestry, the Staff and the Head Master, the Vestry unanimously endorsed the call. Through the hard work of Treasurer Jo Leeming and Bookkeeper Karen Blocher, and the assistance of Canon of Finance Vicki Hohnbaum, a letter of agreement was signed by Treasurer Jo, your Senior Warden and by Fr. Mallory on 6 July. Bishop Kirk Smith, after returning from the General Convention, kindly approved the call on Friday, 10 July. On the same day, Fr. Mallory found a one-bedroom apartment in an area of Tucson of his choice.

Fr. Mallory plans to start on Sunday, 16 August, in time for the start of the school year on 19 August. A more detailed introduction of Fr. Mallory and his roles as Interim Rector will be presented to you on 2 August.

The Vestry thanks you for your patience, support and trust throughout the process. Let’s keep on praying as we journey on.


Father Smith and Terri are happily settling in at their new home in Antigua, Guatemala. On Monday they welcomed Ila Abernathy and others from the Guatemala Project for a short visit. Terri Smith writes: "So good to see and spend time with the team from St. Michael's Guatemala project with Petrona and her mother." Petrona is a little girl who had cleft palate surgery several years ago with the help of the Project. Terri posted the following photo on Facebook:

Ila will return to Tucson on August 7.