Monday, June 06, 2005

Social Concerns Updates - Summer 2005

Summer meetings follow 8 AM Mass June 19th, July 17th, and August 21st. Everyone is always welcome, with a voice and, if needed, a vote.

Thanks to those who gave via the special collection May 22. We raised $ 548.50, plus $500 match!

Casa Maria June 10th, Parish Center, 6:30 p.m. (500 sack lunches for the homeless). Attendance was down a bit in May. Please bring 2 dozen shelled, boiled eggs and help this Friday; also July 8th and August 5th.

Primavera Meal Team for homeless shelter needs one time only vacation respite for a great group of regulars. Second Sunday each month. Chili, coleslaw, etc.. Call Joel.


Guatemala bound June 16th:
• Acolyte Jay Croswell (1st visit, returns 7/12)
• R.N. Sarah Roberts (3rd visit, returns 7/12)
• Miluska Martinez, U.A., (Ist visit, returns 8/10)
• Coord. Ila Abernathy (18th visit? returns 8/10)
Please keep the travelers in your prayers.

Guatemala Sendoff with Writer Byrd Baylor & Dueling Gazpachos - Wed. June 8, 6 p.m., Parish Center. Please come, enjoy yourselves, and greet our guests. If you can help with setup, ticket sales, cleanup, desserts, call Ila. $10 suggested donation. This is a major public fundraiser. Parishioners needed.

Project needs:
Funds for incentive payments to 26 Mayan health workers who serve their communities as volunteers, and for medicines, etc.;
Low tech supplies/ medicines, especially prenatal and children’s vitamins, gastritis treatments, child’s wheelchair, Foley catheters # 16. Bargains only! World Care and Carondelet St. Mary’s both make donations, and health workers and Project reps buy lowest cost medicines in country. Deliver to the church next Sunday, or call Ila.

St. Michael’s Guatemala Project is an ongoing, non sectarian informal partnership with the Maya of the CPR Sierra [Communities of Population in Resistance of the Sierra] that continues a relationship begun in 1993. Focus areas include community health and health education, advocacy, arts and culture, mutual learning, and commitment to indigenous self determination.

The Tailey Family (Liberian refugees)
“It takes a village . . .” and we’re it!

Josephine and her friend Naomi are going to Chapel Rock
, July 3rd-9th. Thanks to your regular donations to Social Concerns, we are able to pay for Episcopal summer camp for Josephine and her 12 year old friend Naomi, also a Liberian refugee. Naomi is giving Josephine the courage to try this new venture. Camp also gives Josephine a week’s respite from being “second mom” to her nephews. Her burning question: “Will there be pizza?”

Camp needs - One of the Parish’s many “honorary grandmothers” will take the girls shopping for basic camp needs, but we’d like to BORROW 2 light or medium-weight sleeping bags. If you can help with this or donate 2 beach towels, flashlights, nalgene water bottles, or children’s Bibles, please call Georgianna.

Eric received an excellent report from his pre kindergarten teacher. He’s looking forward to joining a Parks “build a dinosaur” project arranged by yet another Parish “grandmother.”

Mom Helena has now held a job at Canyon Ranch for 15 months. She also attends basic language / education classes 4 evenings a week, depending upon transportation and weariness. She has never been to school before, and the school routine, combined with her being a single mom, illiterate, and working, is difficult for her. She is now having to pay $400 per month for part of daycare, so there’s no extra cash.

Josephine will take African dance classes with Barbea Williams, thanks to another “grandmother.”

Tailey support team needs rides to/from church once per month (call Sue); male role model for Eric, rides to/from evening classes, 5-7 PM (call Gail); babysitting, and other rides (Gail).

Thanks to the “village” team: Gail, Georgianna, Ila, Joel, Joyce, Karen, Mary, Proscovia, Shigeko, Sue, YOU! Call Gail to help the group.