Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Announcements for Week Ending March 19th, 2006

MIF Series, Adult Forum continues in the Parish Hall Sundays from 9:00 to 9:45 AM. Topic on Sunday, March 12th will be "Early Christian Traditions," to be presented by Stacie Widdifield. All are welcome.

ECW Meeting this Wednesday, March 15th, starting at 10:00 AM in the Parish Center. All women are invited to attend.

ECW Field Trip is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29th, with Joy Miller of EnJoy Cooking as tour guide. Meet in the Church at 9:00 AM to tour the 17th Street Market, a restaurant supply house, followed by lunch at Roma Market. $20 in advance. Call Dolores to make your reservation.

Mass For Church Unity continues every Friday
at 12:10 PM with celebrant the Rev. Carey Womble. All are encouraged to attend as we pray for the General Convention in July, dealing with the very divisive forces at work in our Church.

Social Concerns Meeting this Sunday, March 19th,
in the Parish Center following the 10:00 AM Mass. All are invited to attend.

Thanks to all who participated in or enjoyed the Mayan Textile sale and Exhibition this past February 25th and 26th. After expenses, St. Michael's Guatamala Project netted $281.55 to continue support for Mayan health workers, with $200 reservedfor future textile purchases in the communities we serve.

SOCIAL CONCERNS: The Fast That I Choose [Isaiah 58:6-9]

3-18 Trash pickup along migrant routes with Samaritans and friends "To let the oppressed go free. " Call Ila A. for details.

HURRICANE RECOVERY with St. Peter's Episcopal, Gulfport, MS

discernment process at St. Michael's. Donations to St. Luke's home and Traveler's Aid in Tucson. Strong interest in working with a church, any denomination. Jimmye Hillman's sister contacted about needs in Gulfport. St. Peter's By the Sea Episcopal identified as with great need, with a will to serve the larger community, and with parishioners known to Dr. Hillman and his sister. Initial donation of $300 sent, for "greatest need."

February: Social Concerns approves $600
donation from Hoerdt memorial fund; will ask the Vestry for $600 from the Fowler Fund (community service). We've approached the Diocese's "Bishop's Closet" about gifts; have asked for a "wish list" from St. Peter's. May attempt to establish a no-interest, delayed payment loan system. Dr. Hillman to visit Gulfport soon.

"To bring the homeless poor into your house": St. Peter's is a parish of 165 families,
many older and living alone. Many lost everything following Katrina. Parishioner Edwin Graham e mailed the following 2-22:

Thank you for your note and interest in St. Peter's. In response to your question about our organ: our organ was totally destroyed. Most of it was found two or three blocks away from the church We real#, lost everything: organ, pews, all crosses, candles linens, chalice, the music library, the church library, the handbells, the sanctus bell, all robes and other vestments, everything. We did not have one prayer book or hymnal, not one piece of furniture, no office equipment, computer, files, etc. It was all gone. We had our grand plano restored last spring and it was washed a block away, in pieces, upside down in the street. It is impossible to tell people the true picture. You just hare to see it to believe it.

This was not just our church. Every home, business, motel, restaurant, or other structure for three to fire blocks inland for more than forty miles along the coast was totally destroyed. We live two miles Inland and the majority of homes around us were flooded about five to eight feet as well as damaged by wind. At the end of our block there were homes never flooded before, completely covered by water, more than two miles from the beach. We were one of the lucky ones. We only had to remove the walls in our foyer, dining room, living room, garage and kitchen. The bedrooms were fine, so we kept different friends whose homes were totally destroyed for three months as they gradually found other places to live. The vast majority of our church members are not in their homes at this time. I hope this helps you to understand why we are so appreciative of any assistance your church provides.

All are invited to a

Saint Patrick's Celebration
St. Patrick's Day
Casa Maria sandwich making at 6:30 PM
followed by St. Patrick's Meal

Friday, March 17th
in the Parish Center

Corned Beef Reuben on Rye Sandwich
Baby Red Potato Salad
Green Beer

$5 per person (for meal and beverage)

Irish Music