Saturday, March 17, 2007

Calendars, We've Got Calendars

As if last night's mega-entry weren't full of calendar-y goodness, I've been experimenting with the Schedule page on the new church website. There are now three calendars displayed there:

1. a Google Calendar, with selected events available for public view
2. a parish events calendar, with one-time or weekly-during-Lent listings
3. an undated Weekly During Lent calendar, organized by days of the week only, with all the regularly scheduled masses and other events that take place every week.

It's probably a little confusing, especially since certain events (e.g. "Staying with the Ship") are listed on all three calendars, while others are listed in only one or two places. Feel free to tell me in email (mavarin @ or in person what you think works and what doesn't, and how we can make it better. Should vestry meetings, the praying of the rosary and other parish functions be in the Google Calendar, or should it be just for public-oriented events such as the organ concert? Do we need three calendars, or will the Google and weekly ones suffice? One advantage of the Google calendar is that I can add authorized users (such as someone from Social Concerns) to add events to it. Another is that you can click on the event name for further details. A third is that I don't have to retype everything each week, but can just add the newly-scheduled items.

So check it out and let me know, okay? Thanks!