Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Sermons Posted

Rev. EmersonThe Rev. Angela Emerson
"God always calls us home"
One of Angela's last sermons before leaving for Vermont and her new job.

MP3 File

Father SmithThe Rev. John Smith, Rector
"A Boring Parable"

MP3 File

After months of delay due to technical difficulties, many of the sermons recorded between September 2007 and February 2008 are now available as podcasts on the Sermons page. There's a block in the middle of that date range yet to be uploaded, but we'll get there. Old sermons from 2006 (mostly in text form) have been moved to a 2006 sermons archive page, and can be reached from the bottom of the current page.

Also: I've revived the long-neglected St. Michael's arts blog, and posted a few recent entries of my own, along with selected repostings from my personal blog from 2007. But it's the partish's blog, not mine, and I'd love to get someone else's contributions in there as well! If you have photos, art, a story, a prayer, a reminiscence, or an opinion piece that might be appropriate to a church's blog, please submit them to me at mavarin @, or catch me after the 10 AM mass. Thanks!