Friday, December 03, 2010

Announcements for Week Ending 12/11/2010

* CHRISTMAS FLOWERS - the special beauty of St. Michael’s Christmas worship is the work of many people. Not all can be directly involved, but all can contribute to the Christmas Flowers and Decorations. Please use the Christmas Flowers envelope for floral donations.

* Join fellow parishioners at the Reid Park Zoo for the Zoolights! See the zoo in the evening – the nocturnal animals will be up and about. The zoo is a very different place in the dark. The date is Sunday, December 12 at 6:30 PM. (meet at the zoo entrance or let me know if you need a ride. – Julia Taylor – 574-6967) Cost is $5 or $3 plus a new, unwrapped Toys For Tots.

* The Borderlands Theater presents their annual Pastorela. Here’s how the Tucson Weekly explained the play: A Tucson Pastorela carries on a centuries-old tradition of Christmas pageants in which ordinary folk enact the nativity story while scolding or at least poking fun at those who have sinned during the past year. The Borderlands version always casts the shepherds on their way to Bethlehem as impoverished Hispanic migrants of some sort. Along the way, they are almost swayed from this path by Lucifer and his minions, who appear as a variety of unsavory pop-culture icons. But the demons are vanquished, at least temporarily, by angels, Michael and Gabriel, who impersonate celebrities you are less likely to find in the scandal sheets. We will attend the matinee on Sunday, December 19. Please sign up by December 5. Cost will be approximately $20.

* Fr. Smith’s Shoe Box Project continues. Wrap a shoe box, with lid wrapped separate so the shoe box can be opened without unwrapping. Indicate on the end of the box, the age appropriate:
BOY - 0 – 18 months
GIRL – 0 - 18 months, BOY – 7 - 8 years,
GIRL – 7 – 8 years.
Please fill the box with: warm mittens, warm knit caps, toys, treats and or candy. Please return the wrapped shoe box no later than Monday morning, December 13th. The shoe boxes also may be returned to church on Sunday, December 12th. We appreciate your generosity both past and present. The children are always in long lines just waiting for their own “Shoe Box”.

* The “Blanket Project” also continues. We are looking for new or gently used and clean blankets. These blankets may be any size just so they are warm. The blankets need to be returned no later than Sunday, December 12 or Monday morning, December 13. Please leave them in the back of church or drop off to the church office.

* St. Margaret’s Altar Society dues of $15 should be paid at this time. Simply drop a check in the collection basket marked with “Altar Guild dues” in the memo area. The Altar Guild is an indispensible part of St. Michael and All Angels Church. Their efforts and time given are a daily part of St. Michael’s liturgy and would not function as efficiently without them.

Heartfelt Appreciation!
Fr. Smith and Terri cannot begin to express their deep appreciation to the ECW and the women who worked on the beautiful quilt and pillow shams given to them for their wedding gift.

The quilt is just beautiful especially on these cold mornings. I t could not have come at a better time. We recognize the time and patience that went into this beautiful work of art, for this we are thankful.

May God continue to richly bless us all ~ Love
Fr. Smith and Terri