Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Message From Our Lady of the Desert

Our Lady of the Desert House of Prayer

Tucson Meditators,

Remember the photo shoot a couple of weeks ago? Well, you can view some of the results in the attachment above.

As you can see and feel, spring is quite apparent and so I thought being May and all (and Catholic tradition being Mary's month), that we might focus on ecology, (Mother) Nature, renewal, Divine Mother and a general spring cleaning of our minds and bodies.

There are two events this month centered on eco-topics.

* On Wednesday, May 11 (6pm) @ Corpus Christi Catholic Church there will be a presentation by Dr. Jonathan Overpeck from the University of Arizona on Global Warming and Climate Change. Pick up details/flyers at the Desert Meditation House.

* Eco-Spirituality Retreat @ Our Lady of the Desert Meditation House on Saturday, May 21 (9:15-2pm). A DVD teaching from Sr. Paula Gonzales and Fr. Richard Rohr will be part of the schedule along with a pot-luck vegetarian lunch. Please RSVP if you are interested in attending. This will be a (mostly silent) retreat, and we will save responsive dialog for the following week.

Enjoy the week and talk to the birds. People will think you're crazy, but so what!

Peace on the streets.

Bob Ebert
Our Lady of the Desert Meditation House