Saturday, October 22, 2011

Special Announcements

· An “ALTAR OF REMEMBRANCE” is set up in the back of church under the crucifix. Feel free to bring items for remembrance of loved ones who have died. Cards are located there on which to write the names of the loved ones to be remembered at the Mass on “Feast of All Saints Sunday”, which is November 6th. Place the card in the basket provided.

· It’s that time again….for the production of our delicious “St. Michael’s Angel Food”. We need your help. Whether it is an hour, a day, or some time, every day of the week. Working together, we can make this happen. We have our first order of 125 boxes of “St. Michael’s Angel Food”. Extra order blanks are available in the back of church or from the parish office. Hand them out to friends, family, your doctor’s office, your dentist’s office……anyone who may be interested in that special unique “Red Box of St. Michael’s Angel Food” for a hostess gift, Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift or simply to enjoy the flavor of toffee dipped in chocolate then rolled in luscious macadamia nuts and toasted coconut. WHO WOULDN’T!

· Tim Musty recently received a lifetime achievement award for his social work. The award was presented in Phoenix. Way to go, Tim! - News courtesy of Bob Bennett.

Peace and stay happy! ~ Nancy