Monday, June 16, 2014

News from Guatemala, plus Fw: Big decision for church on global warming

Thought this might interest some of you. All is well, wet, worked with the hospital and social worker in Nebaj today to work out a plan for an almost-6 little girl from Pal who has a heart defect. We ended the first walking "gira" in Pal last Friday, were the first to detect the problem, returned to Nebaj Saturday. Tomorrow we head to the Costa Sur. We will pass through Xela to change buses and have arranged to meet with M.D. Episcopal Priest Roberto Armas, whose church is there.

We used a tiny amount of your money to reimburse the young father for bringing the daughter from Pal to Nebaj today. She needs to go to the capital (Guatemala City) for an echocardiogram, and we'll use a bit more to help with that. The father has never been so far, and the social worker is attempting to arrange for a young nurse who works in Pal with "Extension de Cobertura" to accompany them. "La Capital" can be daunting, even for experienced travelers.

There were THREE articles in yesterday's Prensa Libre about child migrants and the huge increase in numbers. One interpretation -- breadwinner parents already in the U.S. think that Obama is quietly changing the policy and are trying to unite the family.

Thanks to all. Here the word is that, if El Nino arrives, weather will be drier than usual -- may help our walking, but not overall country conditions. I hope it means Tucson will have a real rainy season.


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From: "Michael Sherrard, Faithful America" Sent: Jun 16, 2014 11:48 AM
To: Ila Abernathy
Subject: Big decision for church on global warming

Dear Faithful America member,

Last week, one of America's most historic seminaries, Union Theological, unanimously voted that its $108 million endowment will no longer be invested in fossil-fuel companies.

This is what it looks like when Christians take the lead in protecting God's creation. And make no mistake, this is a fight where Christians must take the lead, by setting a moral example of how to end our addiction to carbon pollution.

This week, the Presbyterian Church USA will vote on whether to divest its $10 billion in assets from fossil fuels -- which would be a huge leap forward for the divestment movement and tell a powerful story about how Christians are living out their faith.

Will you join in letting the Presbyterian Church USA know that thousands of us are praying they'll have the courage and commitment to divest from fossil fuels?

[1]Tell Presybterian Church USA: Divest from fossil fuels.


-- Michael and Aaron

For more information:

[2]"Committee will consider overture to divest from fossil fuel companies," Presybterian Church USA, June 12, 2014

[3]"Union Becomes the World's First Seminary to Divest from Fossil Fuels," Time, June 10, 2014


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