Friday, February 20, 2015

Social Action House Mass (Updated) and TV Alert

The SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE is holding a House Mass / Potluck / Quarterly Meeting on Saturday, February 21st at 6 PM. All are welcome. We are honored that The Rev. Debbie Royals, priest associate at St. Matthews and the new Director of Native American Ministry for the Diocese of Arizona, has very graciously accepted a late request to celebrate the House Mass for our quarterly meeting this Saturday, She will be using a liturgy she developed for Native American / Episcopal Worship.

The House Mass will be at the home of Margaret Savage, 1234 S. Camino Seco (on a cul de sac part of Camino Seco).  Please RSVP to Ila Abernathy (, 623-3063) if you haven't already done so.

If you don't have time to prepare food, come anyway! Or pick up a veggie tray or beverage of your choice. This is a true potluck, so we don't know who is bringing what, but hey, it's Lent, there will be food, and conviviality, and Lenten focus.

ALSO: KVOA Channel 4 News recorded an interview with Father Smith this afternoon about the ongoing restoration to the front of the church building by carpenter Joseph Beamon. It is expected to be on the 5 PM news today!