Friday, June 19, 2015

Transition Report 4 and Other Announcements

Casa Maria sandwich-making is Friday, June 26. WE NEED YOUR HELP! No school students to help until September! Bring family & friends!

Kitchen opens at 5pm. Please bring 1 OR 2 dozen hard boiled, peeled eggs. You will be glad you helped with this good service to others. Join us in the COOL Parish Center.

Adult Education continues each Wednesday at 10:00 am in the Womble library. We are studying Great Courses - “The New Jerusalem Revisited”, with lively discussion and facilitated by Peter Schmidt.  All are invited to attend and we are looking forward to meeting you.


Contemplative Prayer Group Summer Schedule ~ Saturday, June 27 ~ 9:30 am ~ House of Prayer ~ Our group has been meeting now for close to 3 years.     You are invited to join us; all are welcome!
           We continue to practice meditation, trying to grow in living our lives in a more contemplative manner.  We normally meet weekly, but we've altered the schedule for the summer. Meetings will be the 2nd & 4th Saturdays June through August, with dates of June 27,  July 11 & 25, August 8 & 22.  As usual, the group meets at 9:30 AM in the House of Prayer.  We meditate for 25 minutes, then have a brief program on a particular spiritual theme.  Over the summer we'll look at the practice of mindfulness, Quaker style of worship, and teachings by Richard Rohr and John O'Donohue among others.

         For a complete summer schedule, see the group's flyer at the back of the church and take one home.  For more information contact Jim Reiter at 749-7950 or


Vestry’s Report on Transition: #4 ~ 21 June 2015

First and foremost, please attend mass at 9:30 next Sunday, 28 June, when Rector, Fr. John will celebrate his last Eucharist with us. It is also your chance to thank him in person for his 20 years of tireless and caring service for us.

Last Sunday, our Nominating Committee was commissioned to fulfill its responsibility in 1) conduct a parish-wide self-study, 2) produce a parish profile and portfolio based on the self-study, 3) send the parish profile and portfolio to our Bishop’s Office for opening up the search for the new rector, and 4) process all applications, including interviews, to recommend 3 candidates to the Vestry for its final selection and Bishop’s approval.  This committee has 8 members selected by the Vestry from 18 dedicated parishioners either volunteered or nominated for consideration, plus 2 from the Vestry.

They are:
Debbi D’Amore  ~  Grahame Davis ~ Bonnie Edwards ~ Ohia Hodges
Mike Leeming ~ Lori Lewis ~ Jeanette Renouf ~ Jim Steinman ~
and from the Vestry: Alec Kennedy and Katrina Noble

Please keep them in your prayers as they carry out their duties. A bishop-appointed Transition Consultant will assist them throughout the process.

Finally, the Vestry is preparing the Letter of Agreement to the appointed Transition Consultant and the Letter of Agreement to the candidate for our Interim Rector. Nothing is final, however, until the letters are signed and with Bishop’s approval. Please keep on praying and trust God.

All will happen in God’s good time.