Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Casa Maria and Other Announcements

boiled egg
Casa Maria Sandwich making is this Friday, July 24th. WE NEED YOUR HELP. COME JOIN US!

St Michael's Parish Center, 602 N. Wilmot Rd.

Kitchen opens at 5 PM. Come anytime after that!

School's out! It's a great time to bring children to a family friendly Community Service event! We need your help with extra eggs and extra hands; we receive no extra eggs from the School students in the Summer. Please bring two or three dozen hard cooked, peeled eggs.

 Also please bring medium sized boxes for transporting the lunches. Fruit boxes from Costco or banana boxes are ideal.

Byron will deliver the sandwiches. (Thanks to Karl for June 26th!) If you can deliver sandwiches once or twice a year, please let us know!


Casa Maria is every 4 weeks...
July 24th
Aug 21st
Sept 18th
Oct 16th
Nov 13th
Dec 11th

The Food Pantry is getting low again on many items. Please remember to bring what you can - because you can! The need is great!

***** Ila sends along these photos from her recent visit to Father Smith and Terri in Antigua, Guatemala. She writes,

Fr. Smith in the very chair he uses on Sundays.  

The room where St. Alban's meets is a yoga studio during the week.

Terri Smith has been posting lots of pictures on Facebook. Here are a few of them, with her comments:

This is the entrance to the room where the church is that John now preaches at. It's an old convent dated back to the 17th century. It's a beautiful building.

Our new bed is in and made with the lovely quilt the ECW women had made for John and I as a wedding present 5 years ago. The rain waited until the bed was in!

Good Sunday morning from Antigua! Volcano Fuego puffed this morning and shortly after was quiet again.