Monday, November 30, 2015

Notes from the Parish Office - Cyber Monday Edition

The Annual Thanksgiving Dinner took place this past week (of course).  Many thanks to everyone and especially Katrina Noble, Karen Roehm (Katrina's sister) Leslie Duaime of course Lisa Sharpe. It was so heartening to arrive at the kitchen and finding Lisa at the helm.  A good time was had by all. Opportunity for giving came, as all the leftovers were packed up and taken to Casa Maria early Friday morning by Ila.  Any pies or cakes left over were used to coffee hour on Sunday. Nothing went to waste. We all have so much to be grateful for! Hence: "Thanksgiving."

For those of you who know Patty Benedict, she has moved back to Arizona. Patty is living with her son and family in Marana.  She says she might be brave enough to drive to St. Michael's for a service. Ann Ireland was seen this weekend attending Mass at Tuller School. The Rev. Joel Ireland was presiding. No wheelchair, no walker and NO cane. It was heard that she may be shopping for a new car. It just goes to show...that we are not in charge! Amen!

On a note of sadness ~ Bob Howe passed away this morning. Bob has been a fixture here at St. Michael's since 1963. It is impossible to list all Bob has done for St. Michael's, but we as a parish are grateful for his service and dedication to St. Michael's. May the soul of Bob W. Howe, and all the souls, through the mercy  of God, rest in peace. Amen!

The funeral for Bob will take place, Saturday, December 19th at 1:00 PM. A reception will follow.

+++++ please take note: The Angel Tree is in the back of church decorated with names of children whose parent (s) are incarcerated. The tags give the child's name, age and gift suggestions.

The shoe boxes for the Rotary "Shoebox Campaign" are in the back of church. Inside are directions for gifts. These shoe boxes are take to Nogales, Sonora Mexico. Gifts are for infants to age 12.

Lastly: St. Michael's International Holiday Bazaar will take place this Saturday 3 PM ~ 7 PM and Sunday 9 AM ~ 3 PM. Enjoy music, good friends and shopping for unusual holiday gifts while helping over 25 non-profit organizations!

Peace, slow down and stay happy!