Thursday, May 12, 2016

Nominating Committee Report - May 2016

Rector Search Update

submitted by Ke Chiang (John) Hsieh, Senior Warden

On 11 May, our Nominating Committee, led by Co-chair Debbie d’Amore – our condolences go to Chair Ohia Hodges on her grandmother’s death – met with Canon Russ Smith, the Diocesan Consultant, who brought a list of applicants, whom the Bishop has vetted. After studying the accompanying documents, our NC began interviewing the applicants on 14 May, using a set of probing questions based on your inputs to the two Discoveries and Dreams sessions and the extended written survey. We thank math teacher, Mr. Matt Santucci, for providing technical support needed for the online interviews. For confidentiality, nothing concerning the applicants, numbers or names, will be released. Based on the interviews, the NC will nominate two to three finalists for the Bishop and the Vestry to discern and choose. Your continuing patience, trust and prayers are greatly appreciated. Let us hope that at the end of this arduous process, our new Rector may emerge with God’s blessings.