Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Casa Maria Friday July 22 - With Notes on Parking

Casa Maria sandwich making is this Friday, July 22nd at St Michael's Parish Center 602 N. Wilmot . The kitchen opens at 5 PM; come any time after that!

Come join the fun!  Bring friends.  It’s family fun with a purpose!

Please bring 2 or 3 dozen peeled eggs.  We don't get extra eggs from the school students in the summer. We also need medium sized boxes for transporting the lunches. Fruit boxes from Costco or banana boxes are ideal.

Karl will deliver the sandwiches.  (Thanks to Byron for June!)  If you can deliver sandwiches once or twice a year, please let us know.

You all are great!  Thanks for your efforts and help so far this summer!

Parking info! Due to school construction the alley east of the church complex is blocked at the south entrance. You can still park in the north section of the alley near the parish center, but you will need to back up to get out. Also there are 3 new parking spots North of the church near the breezeway to the sacristy, in front of the large storage shed.

Mark your calendars:  Casa Maria is every 4 weeks...

2016 2017
Aug 19th   Jan 6th
Sept 16th Feb 3rd
Oct 14th Mar 3rd
Nov 11th     Mar 31st
Dec 9th Apr 28th

Casa Maria Team
Georgiana & Colby Maye, Karl Macomber…  Food Coordinators and purchasing
Robin Donaldson…  purchases and delivers the cookies
Carolyn Schlager…  purchases and delivers the ham
Pat Miller, Sue Peyron, Robin Donaldson, Jo Leeming, Sam Meyer… Kitchen Coordinators
Karl Macomber, Maruice Wilde, Byron Brandon…Transportation
Pam Stalkfleet… Lower school Coordinator for Friday afternoon prep (when school is in session)