Friday, September 24, 2004

Come to the Faire! - Town Descriptions

Come to the Faire!
Come one,
come all
to the
English Faire!

Saturday, September 25th
9 AM to 6 PM

Towne Descriptions


A person of erudition and learning? This is your town. You love to see the dons in their black academic gowns parading around with books in their arms. Visitors come here searching for old tomes that you long since enjoyed, but for them hold new secrets of the world and beyond! The noise of the pub and band clouds the clearness of your thought for you, a new cup of brew in the Tea Room is what you need. The beauty and repose of good book and afternoon High Tea!

Stratford Upon Avon

To be or not to be, that is the question! Great song, performance, and drink what more can you ask? This is the life in Stratford Upon Avon. Does it get any better than this? The Pub is one of the best in Merry Olde England, and the eats are cheap and filling. Thank your lucky stars that you are a visitor to this place. Remember, no town is far from this watering hole, the Dirty Duck Pub! And, oh the English Tea Room a must on this tour!

London Towne

As a visitor to London, affectionately known as "London Towne," you'll be checking out the Jumble (rummage sale). Just take the tube to Notting Hill Gate and ask for directions from there. The Jumble runs along Portobello Road. You can't miss it! One person's junk that, in the eyes of another person, is pure Gold!! What do Londoner's like to snack on? What are their favorite games? Bring on the kids for a visit to Piccadilly Circus, with lots of activities.


The Bells! The Bells! The sound of the pipe organ'. These are familiar sounds you hear daily in Canterbury. A visit to the Cathedral for a tour a quiet respite on your visit to England. The history that is in this place and the stories to be told! When you enter St. Michael's church, listen to the beautiful sounds of the Aeolian Skinner Pipe Organ, feel the spiritual atmosphere, and see the architecture and special touches, while viewing a slide show the five townships represented at this English Faire, Visitors might take away a holy memento of their visit maybe it is here just for you!


Oh, the beauty of this northern towne with its green and fountains! Here our visitors find plants, pictures, and rare things even have your handwriting analyzed. Handmade crafts are honored here as in no place else in the realm! Enjoy working around the finer things of life and your taste buds are well tuned. This is the life you enjoy in York: sophisticated and refined! This is a recipe for the good life even a bake sale.