Thursday, September 30, 2004

Web Update

the Dirty Duck

The community page now has pictures of York and the Tea Room (but not of the Dirty Duck - yet!). Look for pictures of the Blessing of the Animals after the Feast of St. Francis this Sunday - and don't forget to bring your pet to church!

The music page now has updated info on the organ by Jane Haman, including a stop list. Updated pictures are imminent.

The sermons page now has three more sermon/poems by Fr. Richards, plus two recent sermons by Fr. Smith. Come have a look!

The ministries page still languishes, except for a bit of Guatamala info. If you're involved in ECW, the Vestry, Social Concerns, Rite 13, Godly Play or any other ministry of the church, how about writing something about it for the web site, hmm?

Karen Funk Blocher