Sunday, October 03, 2004

Blessing of the Animals

Feast of St. Francis 2004 - Blessing of the Animals, 10:00 AM Mass

All of these pictures, and a number of others, can be saved to your hard drive in two sizes. For the smaller, most edited versions (shown here a little smaller than they are), right click the picture and select "save image as...." For the larger, less edited, usually darker versions, go to The titles are the same for both versions of each picture.

More or the smaller, edited pictures can be seen on the community page. and Karen's personal blog, and downloaded from

I'm sorry the pictures weren't better. The battery was running low, and I should the camera to flash regardless of how much light was available.


in line to be blessed
Blessing 1

Blessing 2 Blessing 3

Blessing 4Blessing 5

Blessing 6Big and Small