Thursday, September 20, 2007

Buy a Brick for the St. Michael's Parish Day School

Be a Part of St. Michael’s Past, Present, and Future…

Sunken Garden photo by Karen Blocher As we celebrate our School’s 50th Anniversary, students, alumni/ae, parents, parishioners, grandparents, and friends of St. Michael’s have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the revitalization of a special place, the Sunken Garden. Remember when it was the social center for the Church? Now we can commemorate our relationship with the school and /or the church by purchasing a brick or paver. Bricks and pavers can be engraved with your name, a friend’s name, or the name of a loved one. Add a logo or the year to celebrate your graduation or wedding anniversary.

Our 50th Anniversary Mission:
To celebrate our school’s history and to strengthen the ties with our immediate and extended community in order to enrich the present and build a healthy future.

• 3 lines for a 4" x 8" Brick
• 6 Lines for an 8" x 8" Paver
- 4 lines if a logo is included
• 20 characters per line (includes spaces, punctuation, and suffix characters)
- 12 characters for 4" x 8" with bottom-center logo

A laser process is used to engrave each brick by applying intensive heat and transforming the clay to hardened glass, ensuring a beautiful, durable finish. Bricks will be red.

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