Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Advent International Bazaar

An invitation to –

St. Michael’s Advent International Bazaar

Saturday December 6, 5 - 8 p.m.

Opening reception & sale

MZEKALA – Balkan traditional songs, 6 p.m.

Sunday, December 7, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Sale continues

  • Indian tacos, tamales, Colombian empanadas – after 11:30
  • "children only" trinket table – items 10 cents to $2
  • pinata on the patio, 10 a.m. and noon
  • music and dance – after 11:30, including
Danza Mexica Cuautehmoc, indigenous dance, 12:30 p.m.
Ted Warmbrand, bajo and folk guitar, 2 p.m.

St. Michael & All Angels

Episcopal Church,

602 N. Wilmot (at 5th Street).

The Bazaar offers shoppers the opportunity to purchase unique gifts and holiday items directly from more than 25 socially-committed non-profit groups. Live music and food round out the festivities.

Look for fair-trade items from 30 cultures, and selections from Africa, Colombia, Guatemala, indigenous communities, Mexico, and close to home – calendars, children’s books, holiday decorations, jewelry, fair-trade coffee, Maya textiles, boxed candies, cards and photos, and many other one-of-a-kind items – most very reasonably priced.


Information: 886-7292 (church)

Bazaar activities take place in the Parish Center and adjacent patio in the northeast corner of the church complex, 602 N. Wilmot Road.

As a community service, St. Michael’s provides space gratis for the participating non-profit groups.

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Cafe para la Vida Digna -- fair-trade coffee -- schools, clinics in Chiapas

Los Desconocidos -- textiles, quilt squares from recycled migrant clothing -- International Migrant Quilt project

Galeria La Sirena -- Latin American / Haitian art -- the various artists and the Tucson community (the gallery hosts many benefits)

Saguaro Christian Church -- stitchery - ornaments and stuffed animals -- Congo mission


African Team Ministries -- African crafts, jewelry -- artisans in Kenya & elsewhere

Arabic Paintings from Amal -- refugee paintings -- Iraqi refugee family in Jordan

ArtsReach, Tucson Indian Center -- students’ art / literature magazine -- Indian youth in Tucson schools

Benedictine sisters -- handmade soap -- Benedictine monastery on Country Club

Borderlands Theater -- tickets, information, other -- Borderlands theater, developing actors / playwrights

Cultural Exchange Council of Tucson -- tees, posters, tickets for Jan. event -- ALL Tucson

Sierra Club -- calendars, DVD "Wild Versus Wall" -- local Rincon Group of Sierra Club

Episcopal Peace Fellowship -- bilingual children’s books , many cultures -- local EPF chapter

GUAMAP -- Guatemala textiles, crafts -- acupuncture clinics in the Peten

No More Deaths -- tees, buttons, stickers -- work with migrants in distress

Nyame Adom Foundation -- African beads & jewelry -- orphanage in Ghana

Owl and Panther -- Central American crafts -- refugee children, torture survivors

Kelli Peacock -- photography, cards

St. Michael’s Angel Food Candy / ECW -- boxed candies; raffle tickets -- various St. Michael’s projects

St. Michael’s Guatemala Project -- Maya textiles, crafts -- Mayan health workers in 22 rural communities

St. Michael’s Social Action Committee -- Haiti crafts, Holy Trinity School -- community action here; students in Haiti

Samaritans -- tees, "no walls" jewelry -- women in Mexico; migrants in distress

Shalom Mennonite Fellowship -- "cards for Colombia" craft project -- sister church in Colombia

Sisters of St. Francis -- variety, handmade stitchery -- the Sisters

Spay & Neuter Solutions -- variety -- low-cost spay & neuter options

Ten Thousand Villages -- crafts, holiday items from 30 countries -- artisans in developing countries

Mary Uhrig -- handcrafted egg ornaments

Zambian Children’s Fund -- African arts -- orphans in Zambia; the craftspeople

FOODSunday, by 11:30

Fry bread and Indian tacos, holiday tamales:, Maria Garcia, for a clinic and Indigenous projects in Hermosillo

Colombian empanadas – for Comedores Populares, supporting a lunch program in Fundacion, Magdalena, Colombia