Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thank you from Rev. Angela Emerson (Vermont relief)

From: Angela Emerson []
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 9:58 AM
Subject: Irene flood relief

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for all the generosity coming from St. Michael’s. I received the check from the Church, a check form social concerns, and gifts cards from ECW and from individuals. People here are just in awe of the outpouring of support! Please give my love to all and a hearty prayer of thanksgiving for all you are doing for us.


The Rev. E. Angela Emerson
Minister of Stewardship Development
Episcopal Diocese of Vermont
747 Hartford Ave. Suite 1
White River Junction, VT 05001

Hi Ila,

thanks for the note. I did send Fr Smith an email acknowleding all that we have received from the church, individuals, and Social Concerns. Thank you so much.

Fortunately, the local community is so generous with food donations that we are not having to spend so much money on food although we have spent some. Our primary ministry has been to deliver brown bag lunches to each door for everyone on the household. Beginning next week, we are deliveirng hot food three times a week.

People have been desperate for clothes especially for underwear - again the communitiy has been very generous but the need is great - so some money has gone in that direction as well.

As winter approaches - we have another three weeks before cold weather settles in - we are beginning a drive for small electric heaters, wool blankets and electric blankets. A significant amount of the money will be spent on these kind of warminig items. Many people have chosen to convert barns or garages that were on higher ground into living space but obviously there is no furnace. Others are making their second floors into living quarters but again no furnace. So our intermediate goal is to do what ever we need to do to keep people warm.

Rebuilding immediately is not really an option. The rain just won't stop so the houses cannot dry out sufficinelty even with the many box fans and electrical cords that we have supplied.

There have been a few people that we have helped with medications as well.

Episcopal Relief and Development will be in town next week to meet and talk wiith us about how to organize for the transition from "crisis" response to long term recovery efforts. We are looking to them for advice on how to priority our use of the funds that have come to us from you and from others around the country. We could use it to help a few people in a big way but we are so far using to help lots of people in small but critically necessary ways.

The range of needs that pepole have is endless and varies much from family to family and from small business to small business. Our drivers meet people daily and try to respond to gifts of flashlights and batteries, to sleepwear, baby formula, and a hot cup of coffee.

This is probably more information than you wanted but I hope it gives you some idea of how your generosity is helping people in need.

Today I was approached by a woman who wants to go to every church who has helped out and personally say thank you. We are going to invite her to our convention in November and videotape her presentation and put it on our website for all to enjoy.

Ila, I can't thank all of you enough. Please share this with everyone you can.