Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Come to Guatemala! - A Call for Volunteers

St. Michael’s Guatemala Project
Call for Summer Team Volunteers
Coordinator Ila Abernathy will be in-country approximately June 5 - August 14. She will be on all teams.

TEAM I – June 9th – 24th with RN/midwife Kerry Griffin – 2 spaces available.
(extension to overlap one week with next team possible)

  • Area Xeputul (3 communities reached on foot in a walking “gira”)
  • one larger resettlement community
  • one or two Nebaj-area resettlements

TEAM II – June 26th – July 24th
with RN Sarah Roberts and UA medical students – Full.
Backup applications still accepted.

  • one resettlement community
  • Areas Cabá and Santa Clara (7 communities, 2 ½ weeks, the most difficult walking)
  • one Nebaj-area resettlement

TEAM III – Late July – August 9th with the coordinator, others – 3 spaces available.

  • remaining resettlement communities.
  • followup for patients with more needs.

Call or e-mail Ila Abernathy for additional information.

Photos: “Clinic,” resettlement Nuevo Amanacer Sumalito, walk out, Cabá;
hemoglobin testing, Cabá, with lead health promoter Pedro Bernal.