Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update From Guatemala

From Ila in Guatemala...

Guatemala --funds from Rector's discretionary AND for last trimester 

NANCY, Could you do a bulletin announcement thanking everyone for their extra support and letting them know part of the funds will be used for needed tires for the ONE CPR-Sierra vehicle, which will be trundling us and supplies around on spectacularly bad roads?

Meanwhile, we have had to do more consultas than I would have liked, but some were anything but routine:
  • woman with a heart defect that never would have been detected if we hadn't insisted on vital signs for all patients (just to show cooperation, Gustavo the health promoter discovered an irregularity and the med students and Sarah were able to define it); 
  • young man from a non-CPR community who had another problem but to my question was explaining his seizure meds to me when he had a seizure; 
  • woman from another coastal community who arrived with necrotic diabetic ulcer on the bottom of her foot and a glucose level of 456, who needed immediate hospitalization to save the foot (or her life, if gangrene was already too advanced); 
  • youth who last most of a toe in a bizarre bike accident and needed immediate attention; 
  • Down syndrome child of 2 1/2 in the remotest community that Sarah recognized immediately, who had never been diagnosed and who has the frequently-associated heart defect. At least Sarah and the med students could explain to the family what to expect re the toddler's development, and what would happened if they did or didn't elect to have the heart defect repaired.

Photo: child from a previous visit.