Thursday, August 08, 2013

Update From Guatemala

Subject: alive and well, out of the mud, and really tired

Hello folks.

We have made it back to Nebaj, after yesterdays most difficult walk, over the mountain and through the mud for 7 plus hours that ended with no bus to catch in Chel, due to a landslide on the one dirt road.

Pedro and I took "posada" with one of the former CPR leaders in Chel and left, weary, at 2 a.m. this morning for the bone chilling ride in the back of a pickup truck to Nebaj.

EVERYONE greets Sarah.

I am now internally thawed, having had my morning coffee, but hugely frustrated because I wrote a 7 community update to almost all former team members and others that the server (Google) refused to send or save, and gave me no option to edit or keep as a draft.

Will not tarry, except to say that all is more or less well, and there is much to do and more to report.

Cabal family (photo by Ila A. from a previous trip)