Friday, May 01, 2015

Casa Maria - and Picture Time!

boiled eggCasa Maria Sandwich making is this Friday, May 1st. 
St Michael's Parish Center,  602 N. Wilmot Rd.
Kitchen opens at 5 PM. Come anytime after that!

Please bring one or two dozen hard cooked, peeled eggs. Also please bring medium sized boxes for transporting the lunches. Fruit boxes from Costco or banana boxes are ideal.

MAURICE will deliver the sandwiches. (Thanks to KARL for March!)


Casa Maria is every 4 weeks...
May 1st
May 29th
June 26th
July 24th
Aug 21st
Sept 18th
Oct 16th
Nov 13th
Dec 11th

If you can deliver sandwiches once or twice a year please let us know!

Driving Schedule:
May 1st   Maurice
May 29th  Byron
June 26th  Karl
July 24th   Jill
Aug 21st  Maurice
Sept 18th   Byron
Oct 16th   Karl
Nov 13th   Jill
Dec 11th   Maurice

Casa Maria Team:
Georgiana and Colby Maye, Karl Macomber…  Food Coordinators and purchasing
Robin Donaldson… purchases and delivers the cookies
Carolyn Schlager… purchases and delivers the ham
Pat Miller, Sue Peyron, Robin Donaldson, Jo Leeming… Kitchen Coordinators
Karl Macomber, Jill Coulter, Maruice Wilde, Byron Brandon…Transportation
Pam Stalkfleet…   Lower school Coordinator for Friday afternoon prep (when school is in session).

Parish Directory Update!

Hi, folks!  The time has come to take fresh pictures and update contact info for the Parish Directory.
You can get the current outdated directory at:

The password to open it is AngelMike602.

Karen Blocher will be available to take your photo in the Parish Center after all morning masses this Sunday, May 3rd, and on Sunday, May 10th, and after the 12:30 PM and 5 PM Masses on May 10th only. You may submit your own digital photo if you prefer. Please let us know if you wish to opt out of the photos or the directory.

The updating our directory is is an essential part of our transition process.  Without one, we would be unable to gain everyone's input in our self-study, and sending potential applicants away.

Please plan on taking a few minutes on one of these Sundays to help us with this task. Thanks!