Friday, May 22, 2015

Transition Update #2 and Pentecost Announcements 2015

Sunday, May 24th is Pentecost Sunday. You are invited to join us in the cool Parish Center after the morning Masses for refreshment and a piece of cake in CELEBRATION ~ DAY OF PENTECOST!

Parish Life Invites you to join us at Old Pueblo Grille, 60 N. Alvernon Way, just north of Broadway, Thursday, May 28th at 6:30 pm.  Join us for good food and fellowship! Entrees start at $10. Sign-up sheets in back of church.

BACKPACKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR “GIFTS OF LOVE” PROGRAM:  We need your help! ICS is collecting school supplies through Monday, July 20, to help children go back to school with the supplies they need. Our families are struggling to provide the basics of food and shelter for their children; paying for school supplies can be a challenge. 

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Transition Updates

from the Vestry of St. Michael and All Angels  
Vestry’s Report on Transition #2
from the Vestry of St. Michael and All Angels
26 May 2015

Bishop Kirk Smith urged the Vestry to inform the entire parish on the state of our transition process as we move forward to provide calm and build trust.

     Our transition begins with thanking Fr. John Smith for his faithful service in the past twenty years. The preparation for the send-off on 28 June, led by Mo. Clare Yarborough, is well underway. If you have not received the information on the send-off, please notify the Parish Office immediately.

      Nomination for the Nominating Committee closed on 10 May. Of the 27 nominees, 19 accepted their nomination. The Vestry has started interviewing them in the hope of selecting 8 plus 2 Vestry members to form the 10-member committee by 14 June. The Nominating Committee’s first task is to listen to your opinions and views on the future of this Parish.

     The Vestry has also met with one candidate for the Interim Rector, and it is in discernment before further actions.

     As the Vestry prayerfully discerns, please say your prayers so not be led into temptation to figure out who the nominees are, and to second-guess the Vestry’s decisions. Succumbing to any temptation is to be delivered to evil, which breaks trust, degrades love and shatters hope.  Keep on praying and let God be our guide.Thank you for your trust.

John Hsieh, Senior Warden
Lisa Sharp, Junior Warden
Jo Leeming, Treasurer
Carolyn Schlager, Clerk
Andy Harris
Reed Karaim
Alec Kennedy
Marjorie King
Chris Lewis
Linda Morrison
Katrina Noble
Todd Vick
Joel Williams