Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Big Cover-Up: A Photo Essay

The Big Cover-Up

Photos by Our Senior Warden, Dr. Ke Chiang Hsieh
Wednesday, October 14th at noon
through Sunday, October 18th, 2015

We're Under Wraps!

St. Michael and All Angels Church and School is temporarily closed to all staff, students, volunteers and visitors. We officially closed at noon on Wednesday, October 14th, and will reopen Monday morning, October 19th. The reason: termites!

Terminix professionals have come from as far away as California to "tent" the church for fumigation. The area to be fumigated for dry wood termites will be closed off completely, with an additional surrounding area tented as well for safety. 
Certain items were removed from the property before fumigation, including foods not in cans, the Blessed Sacrament etc. This was done on Sunday through Wednesday morning. By Wednesday at noon, we were ready to go!

A small team of experts will be on site to monitor the level of chemicals, inside and out.

The fumigation itself will be done by Friday and the exterminators will test the air on Saturday before giving the "all clear" to return. However, in an abundance of caution, our interim rector and wardens have decided to keep the church closed on Sunday as well, before reopening on Monday. So where will you go to church this week? See below!

Termite Sunday
Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Do Not Enter! Closed for Fumigation Oct 14-18

St. Michael’s Church and School will be closed from noon Wednesday, October 14th through Sunday, October 18th, so that the church can be fumigated for dry wood termites. For everyone’s safety, the entire property will be closed off during this time to everyone except the exterminators. The church office will reopen on Monday, October 19th.

We have a special mission for all parishioners should you choose to accept it....

On Sunday, October 18th, we are asking everyone to attend one of our sister Episcopal parishes here in Tucson. For the assignment, each family or person should write down one positive aspect experienced or observed in the church visited on a 3x5 card provided by us this Sunday, October 11.  Please provide the name of the church you attend as the heading on your card.

You will find these 3x5 cards in the pews and at the back of the church. We will have a marked basket at the back of the church designated for the collection of the completed cards on Sunday, October 25.

Your help with this mission will be greatly appreciated!