Thursday, February 25, 2016

Odd Happenings on Rodeo Day

Ever wonder what goes on at St. Michael and All Angels on those rare days when there are no services, no school, and the church office is closed? One might think that the property would be deserted, but today, at least, it wasn't the case!

In front of the church, Junior Warden Howard Cresswell, Proscovia King and Shigeko Hsieh were cleaning out storage areas.

And look what they found!

Remember this? This sign is left over from the English Faires, held at the church in the 1990s and a few times since. Our last English Faire was in 2010. The sign is going to go away now. (Aww!)

Meanwhile, what's happening around back? Who are these people? The Senior Warden knows! And so does the Junior Warden!

Believe it or not, it's a film crew, setting up to film a scene about a disabled veteran for a music video.

Inside the church, crew from Monsoon Production Services is setting up to film,

Just as things seemed to be settling down, UPS delivered a box for the school, and several people showed up hoping for bags of food, which they received. And then!  FedEx turned up with a gift box for John Smith. John Smith? Father Smith is in Guatemala! And the box is marked "perishable!"

Thank you, Father Smith! I'll just be keeping these for you... in my refrigerator. Until they've been eaten. Happy Rodeo day!