Friday, March 28, 2014

Introducing the A F Schultz Organ Fund

March 25, 2014
Feast of the Annunciation to Our Lady

Dear Friends:

Two Sundays ago I was so happy to announce that the final loan payment for St. Michael’s Aeolian Skinner Organ was made. This effort to provide the church with a fine instrument for worship took over 20 years and the dedication of many people to accomplish! The acquisition, transport, refurbishment, architectural accommodation and installation cost over $1.2 million dollars! Solo Deo Gratia!

I am so happy to announce that the Vestry, upon completion of this goal, and the recommendation of many, has decided to dedicate the parish organ to Alan F. Schultz. Alan is such a worthy person to associate with this wonderful instrument which enhances, like nothing else, our worship of God! As a loved and respected teacher of English at St. Michael’s School for over 30 years who has trained students in writing, declamation, and public speaking and provided music for our school masses until this day, Alan has enriched the lives of thousands of students and their teachers over the years. Alan has served our parish as its organist for many years and composed Masses and other pieces for special occasions. Alan has shared his talent of musical composition and performance with the wider community through the Southern Arizona Community Orchestra, where he remains Conductor Emeritus, and the Tucson Masterworks Chorale. Alan also had an important role in bringing the Aeolian Skinner organ to St. Michael and All Angels over 20 years ago. May our instrument be called “The Schultz Organ!”

a window into the organ. (Right side)We want to insure the proper upkeep and maintenance of this fine instrument for generations of worshippers to come. To this end, we will establish “The Alan F. Schultz Endowment for the Organ.” Our initial goal will be $120,000. Quietly, we already have received over $14,000 in cash and over $30,000 in pledges toward the goal. We have $76,000 to reach our goal.

With joy and thanksgiving will you help with a pledge or gift to this special endowment in Alan Schultz’s honor? Pledges can be paid over four years. Reminders will be sent out early September in time for the annual Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, September 29th. All pledges and/or gifts will receive special recognition. All Book of Pipes contributions, once placed on the principal of the loans, will now be placed in the endowment. Once the corpus of the Schultz endowment is established, the earnings will accrue to be used to maintain the organ, providing good stewardship for the care of this instrument for years to come!

Thank you for your generous response. Please see our Music page or our new Schultz Organ page for info on how you can help us with this effort. You can also donate now using the PayPal button below.

On April 26th at 2:30pm will have a special Concert of Thanksgiving by Trumpeter Mary Elizabeth Bowden and our own Douglas Leightenheimer! We will announce the totals at the concert! Thank you for taking part in this effort to thank God for so many blessings!

Sincerely in Our Lord,
John R. Smith, Priest and Rector