Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Termite Closure and Other Announcements

September 27, 2015

Dear St. Michael's Church and School Community,

It has recently been discovered that there is a termite infestation in the church building. The church’s Buildings and Grounds Committee along with the Church Wardens and Interim Rector moved quickly to address this situation before any further damage takes place. After a thorough inspection and consultation with a reputable extermination company, the decision was made to proceed immediately with treatment. The process will involve completely tenting the church building, sealing the Bride's Room and Womble Library from the church. The tented area will then be fumigated for approximately 24 hours in order to kill all the dry-wood termites. During the process, the entire church and school campus will be closed. There will be no access to the church, offices or classrooms until the process is complete including clean up, ventilation, and inspection of every office, classroom, work space and storage area. The complete lock down is necessary for safety and precautionary measures.

With that in mind, the following action will be taken on the following timetable in order to have the least disruption to the church and school community:

·       Monday, October 12 - The process will begin for tenting the church and sealing adjacent rooms.

·       Tuesday, October 13 - The tenting and preparation work continues

·       Wednesday, October 14 - The Day School will close at 12:00 noon for Fall Break until Monday, October 19. The campus will need to be completed vacated by 2:00 p.m. at which time all offices and classrooms will be locked. No one will be allowed to return to the church/school grounds until the process is fully completed. There will be NO AFTER CARE ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14.

·       Sunday, October 18 - The church/school campus will reopen once the "all clear" is given by the extermination company.

Precautionary actions prior to the lock down will include:
•     Removal of all air-breathing animals and tanked fish into the courtyard on the southwest section of the school.
•     Removal of all food items (except canned goods), and Communion Elements and Vessels away from all rooms in and adjacent to the church, including the church kitchen.

Even though only the church proper will be tented and fumigated, temporary closing signs will be posted on all doors and gates throughout the church/school campus. Please adhere to safety precautions during this extermination process.  It is a relief to note that there will be no residue on any surfaces following the procedure as the vapor used dissipates once it is in the open air.

We appreciate the work of the church’s Buildings and Grounds Committee and the cooperation of the church and school community as we deal quickly with this matter. Should anyone have questions regarding material used, safety data sheets are available in the church and school offices.


Fr. Richard Mallory                                          Margaret Moore
Interim Rector                                                   Head of School


The pantry is low and the need is still great...we are handing out at least 25 bags a week!

We have no cereal,
no peanut butter, no fruit and low on everything else including canned spaghetti products.

Last week's grocery ads are good thru Tuesday​.....Albert has canned vegetable 2/$1, as well as Campbell's pork and beans, Mac and cheese and chicken and tomato, Al's brand soup. Cases are available.

Thank you for your your continued generosity.  Only give what your circumstances will allow.

Many Blessings,



The Blessing of the Animals will take place this Sunday, October 4th, during all Masses, and is open to furry, feathery, and scaly pets in all shapes and sizes. Animals are to be on leashes or in carriers. The Blessing of the Animals is celebrated each year in conjunction with the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals. All are invited to bring either their pet, or a stuffed animal representing their pet, for a special blessing.